What is Technological ?

Glaskeramik is made from 100 % recycled glass, but crystallized, and is itself again 100% recyclable as it can be recycled by a glass processor locally to the site. The material protects natural resources in this way and also through the lesser use of energy in its production

Technical Data


Polished finish gives the Glaskeramikcolours a perfect reflection.The transformation fromthe 2D into 3D effect shows offthe crystalline structure evenbetter.
Finish with texture andhigh relief for surfaces whilstoffering low glare reflectivityand low scratch-ability.
Absolute matt finish.Extremely resistant, silkysmooth and perfect for businessapplications.



Technical Data

Thickness tolerances patinated +/- 1,8 mm polished, matt +/- 1,5 mm
Density ca. 2,48 g/cm3 DIN EN ISO 10545-3
Weight per m2 with 21 mm ca. 50,4 kg
Bending strgth. 5% fractile Jade patinated 22 N/mm2 EAD 13-33-0030-06.01
Bending strgth. 5% f. Pol. White patinated 20 N/mm2 EAD 13-33-0030-06.01
Load-Bearing-Capacities ca. 3,44 kN EAD 13-33-0030-06.01
E-Modul ca. 30 kN/mm2 EAD 13-33-0030-06.01
Hardness according to Mohs 6 patinated / 4 polished DIN EN 15771 / DIN EN 15771
Heat expansion 20-100°C 7,22 x 10-6 x K-1 DIN EN 103
Heat conductivity at 64°C 1,04 W/mK
Specific heat capacity Cp 0,7 J/gK
Water absorption ca. 0,07 Ma,- % DIN EN ISO 10545-3
Frost resistance no trials with visible defects DIN EN ISO 10545-12
Stain resistance 5 (stain can be removed with hot water) DIN EN ISO 10545-14
Chemical resistance A, GA DIN EN ISO 10545-13
Fire class A1 EN 13501-1
Surface wear Class II, 300 revolutions DIN EN 154
Slip resistance R9 patinated DIN 51130


The Cradle to Cradle concept describes a form of cyclical resource use in which modes of production are geared towards preserving created values. Since the raw material of MAGNA Glaskeramik consists of nearly 100% rejects from industrial and bottle glass production and can be completely re-added to the recycling cycle even after use, MAGNA Glaskeramik is considered a prime example of an efficient use of resources and raw materials.
MAGNA Glaskeramik is now also rated according to the SKA rating. This is an international tool from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) for assessing the environmental friendliness and sustainability of building equipment and the materials used.
The ift Rosenheim is an international, technical and scientific service provider and as a testing institute specialist for the assessment of the usability of construction products.

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